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A Brief History of Men's Fashion

We've said it endlessly time and again, menswear is governed by history of mens customs. Each individual in menswear has taken motivation from the past at some time.  In modern times men have taken an aggressive and active role in fashions. In this manner, as we keep on investigating the groundworksof mens  style, I thought we'd investigate the last hundred-or-so years in men's design.

1900S: TALL, LONG and LEAN

As we moved into the 1900s men's clothing was dominatingly utilitarian and rather dull. Of the relative multitude of nations, England had the most impact on American mens fashion. During the 1920s American undergrads started putting their own twist on pieces being worn at the unbelievable Oxford University.


The begining of the 1930s saw the economic crisis of the early 20s. Albeit the typical man couldn't stand to participate in that frame of mind of design. Men frequently appreciated noticing the style decisions of the people who could. Hollywood movies on the Silver Screen turned into a signal for trust for the common man living in this period. During the 1930s the American taste level was at its pinnacle, matching that of any European country. It was when American men invested wholeheartedly in the apparel they wore and the picture they anticipated.


With the finish of World War II, American men wandered from the exclusive expectations and fundamental standards of fine dress laid out in the thirties. This period saw the acquaintance of efficiently manufactured prepared with wear clothing in America, by certain brands that are as yet selling as mens clothing today. Eventually this promoting technique pushed the purchaser endlessly further away from the "standards of old style dress" laid out during the 1930s, which were tied in with picking long haul pieces that best compliment the body.
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